Embark on a performance tour with your choir, band or orchestra on concerts, street performances, clinics or festivals while mixing with local musicians.

We have a long history of creating tours for ORCHESTRAS, CHOIRS and BANDS of any kind, from classical to jazz and gospel music. We worked with student and institutional associations, church and other communities members from all over the world, planning for them amazing tailor-made trips in Italy and Europe.

Whether you wish to perform under the stars in enchanting villages, sing in majestic cathedrals or attend to festivals and masterclasses, we help you share your own vibrant music with European local musicians and music lovers.

We are committed in planning every single step of the process with you, to create a unique and unforgettable itinerary.  We take care of everything you need, creating a CUSTOMIZED ITINERARY which will include EXCLUSIVE PERFORMING OPPORTUNITIES.

ALL SERVICES you need are planned: we guarantee English speaking guides, arrange for PERFORMANCE VENUES, handle the logistics, arrange the transportation and proper handling of your INSTRUMENTS and EQUIPMENT, provide you the musical instruments you need and take care of any miscellaneous detail.

Your tour will be easy to plan and ready to live.

Big cathedrals, small villages churches, open-air stages, theatres and concert halls can be your stage.

Thanks to our partnerships, we book for you the most sensational VENUES in order to organize performances that will be forever in your memory. We give you the chance to PERFORM IN BIG CITIES and EXLUSIVE LANDMARKS such as Saint Peter’s in Rome, Saint Mark’s in Venice, Santa Croce Church in Florence, Real Conservatorio in Madrid or Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin.

We provide you the unique experience of performing in small enchanting churches, castells and old villages piazzas, where the warmth of smaller centers and the welcome and enthusiasm of local communities will move your souls and let you live a worthy human experience while discovering real, authentic local culture.

Besides performing on your own, we offer you the opportunity to combine your music group with LOCAL CHOIRS, ORCHESTRAS or STREET BANDS. Thanks to our excellent connections with music associations, directors and local choirs we take care of connecting them with you handling all the arrangements.

Meeting local music lovers is the best way to enhance your student’s passion for music through cultural exchange, fun and a bit of adventure while ensuring an educational and rewarding experience.

Many young musicians come to Europe with the focus of participating at INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS or COMPETITIONS, as well as attending CLINICS and MASTERCLASSES.
If you already have your festival participation planned we can arrange for pre and post-performance services.







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